Blaze is our blue roan stallion and the sire of allthe colts and fillies in our family.  He is believed to be about 24 years old.

The Horses


Wildfire is a 6 year old filly, and our only Bay.  She is Midnight's first foal and is taking over her dam's role as lead mare.


Dinari is a 4 year old colt and is Midnight's third foal.  He's our little blonde rock star, born on May 20.


Ginger is one of our Sorrel mares and is about 8 years old.  She is the dam of  Cocoa Dawn and Starburst.


Starburst is our other 4 year old colt and is Ginger's second foal with one white sock. His birthday is May 26.

Cocoa Dawn

Cocoa Dawn is one of our 5 year old fillies and is Ginger's first foal. Her birthday is January 29.

All of our horses are available for virtual adoption or sponsorship. Please click on "your" horse's picture and fill out the form on the Contact Page.


Cinnamon is our other Sorrel mare, also about 8 years old.  She is the dam of Aries, our first colt.


Twilight is our other 5 year old filly.  Our long-legged girl is Midnight's second foal. Her birthday is March 10.


Midnight is about 10 years old and the dam of Wildfire, Twilight and Dinari.


Aries is a 5 year old colt.  He is Cinnamon's only foal, born on April Fool's Day.