Placitas needs a mayor!  One who listens, takes care of his/her people, who enjoys our beautiful community and can raise money for local charities.  You may have such a devoted public servant in your own home, or outside in your corral or pen.  Dogs, cats, parrots, Guinea Pigs, fish, horses, goats, chickens, all animal candidates are welcome!  We do NOT discriminate based on fur, fin, or feather!

Register your Candidate and then shamelessly solicit/beg votes for them.  Each vote is $1.  The Candidate with the most votes at Placitas Appreciation Day, June 1, 2019, wins.  Groom your candidates!  Costumes are encouraged for the Placitas Appreciation Day Pet Parade.  If your Candidate is unable, or unwilling, to march in the Placitas Pet Parade, a representative bearing a likeness of the candidate is welcome to parade.

Placitas Mayor Information

Our Candidates

Use this button to register your candidate.

Note: This Registration Form will not be complete without the Registration Fee and a Candidate Photo.


If you want to nominate one of the wild animals in our community, please add a description of the animal (markings or distinguishing features) and where in Placitas it is most often seen (like the Overlook group of Wild Horses).

Registration Form

The Placitas Mayor Contest is sponsored by the Placitas Chamber of Commerce, and Straight To The Horse's Mouth, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Step 1 -

Register your Candidate.  Use the registration form below or pick one up at Placitas Chamber of Commerce at La Puerta Realty.

Step 2 -

Pay the Registration Fee of $10 per Candidate.  The Registration Fee can be paid by clicking on the Donate Button below the Registration Form or can be submitted with the Registration Form (cash or check only) at Placitas Chamber of Commerce at La Puerta Realty.

Step 3 -

Submit a photo of the Candidate.  Email a picture to  View the candidates' photos below the registration form.

The deadline to register your Candidate has been extended to May 29, 2019.

Step 4 -

Gather votes for your Candidate.  A Vote is $1.Gather votes for your Candidate at community events, social gatherings, in your neighborhood, at work or beg them from your family members! Use a jar or can you have around your house or a bag.  Collect as many votes as you can for your Candidate.  If you have friends or family who are not nearby, they can vote online by clicking the Donate Button below the Registration Form.  Make sure they put the name of the Candidate in the Comment Section. 

All votes you gather must be submitted by 1PM on Saturday 1 June at Placitas Appreciation Day at Homestead Plaza. 

Photos of the Candidates will be posted on the Straight To The Horse's Mouth website: Friends and family can vote for their favorite online here as well.  Votes will also be collected at Placitas Chamber of Commerce office at La Puerta Realty and at Placitas Appreciation Day.  Candidates are welcome to campaign at Placitas Appreciation Day, but still must turn in all votes by 1PM.

Use this button to vote for your favorite. Put name of candidate in Comment section.