We're building a Hay Barn!  Due to generous donations of discarded garage doors from ABC Door Company, we are putting up a new larger hay barn.  We are also bringing in hay while it is available to last the horses through the winter.  We are looking for generous donations or corporate sponsorship to help us build the barn and fill it with hay.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to Straight To The Horses Mouth, where we care for a family herd of wonderful, formerly wild, Placitas horses.  Blaze and his mares had been roaming free around Placitas for many years, until one day they were rounded up, by the New Mexico Livestock Board, and chipped and their roaming free days came to an end.  Since the herd came into our lives we've watched them running free and bringing new life into the world.  It only seemed right that we should protect them and care for them as a family.  The family grew from Blaze, 4 mares, and two fillies to Blaze, 3 mares, 3 fillies, and 3 colts, a family of 10.  Through the use of PZP contraceptive and responsible herd management, we hope to keep the herd at this size.

Your generous donations will help us keep them happy, healthy, and engaged.  Thank you for your support.